Cleaning we aim to provide quick turnaround and effective cleaning of your ISO tank containers.Internal Tank Cleaning Services,External Tank Cleaning Services,Additional Tank Cleaning Services.
Repairs In Service repairs, Quick repairs,small repairs.
Testing (TCGS) also offers services for periodical testing of 2.5 yrs & 5 yrs test for all IMO-1 & 5 ,as well as T-11,T14,T20,&T-50 .
Handling & Storagewe have side lifter machine having maximum lifting capacity of 10 tones.Storage capacity:we store 600-700 tube in a 20000 sqmt ,maxi 3 high capacity.

Short Company Overview
Ms. TAKE CARE GLOBAL SERVICES (TCGS), is a registered firm of Mr. Iqbal Husain Qazi, a leading businessman. TCGS has been at the forefront of ISO container services in India for over 18 years, TCGS is a forward-looking company focused on ISO tank services more than 300 to 400 different types of products, carried out periodical testing 2.5 & 5 yrs. We have qualified & certified workmen and have all the important third party surveyors (Bureau Veritas, DNV, ICSB) etc. certifying operations for various operators & solution that needed for the 21st century. The company estabilshed a leading position in global ISO tank services. Remaining true to the philosophy of its founders, safety and protection of the environment are top priorities – without any compromise!


TCGS, committed to employee development and environmental preservation, will innovatively grow operations while maintaining its foundation as the safest and most trusted resource amongst tank container service providers.Core Values Business excellence,Integrity,Technical leadership,Safety First,Transparency,Sustainability.


We help our clients improve the efficiency, safety, and financial performance of their assets by creating innovative and unique solutions that provide superior value and performance.